“The CVASC COVID-19 Study is the first Canadian multi-centre, comprehensive study focused on characterizing stroke and stroke outcomes in COVID-19 patients, and evaluating the impact of the pandemic on delivery of stroke care”

The Cerebrovascular and COVID-19 Canadian Study

In a mission to understand the relationship between COVID-19 infection and cerebrovascular disease

Under construction

Our Study

The overall objective of this national, prospective, multicenter, pragmatic longitudinal cohort study is to understand the underlying mechanism(s) and natural history of strokes in COVID-19, the impact of the pandemic on the management and outcome of patients with stroke, and to evaluate the effect of critical care strain on the delivery of care and outcomes of critically ill stroke patients, while overarching objective is to harmonize data collection and facilitate data sharing via established national and international collaboration for rapid large-scale results evaluation of strokes outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic

To evaluate the clinical manifestations, risk factors, stroke severity and types and outcomes in strokepatients with concurrent or recent COVID-19 (< 3months) compared to non-COVID-19 stroke patients.To determine whether stroke patients admitted during the COVID-19 pandemic have worse functional outcome compared with historical data.To determine whether critically ill stroke patients admitted to ICUs with high capacity strain have increased risk-adjusted hospital mortality, compared to ICUs in low capacity strain.

Started recruitment = June 1st, 2020

Funding = Canadian Stroke Consortium – Stroke Pandemic Agile Response Competition (CSC-SPARC) Grant

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